Car Meet, Thursday Nights....

Ok so many of you may know about the Meet on Thursday Nights @ Westbury... By the Home Depot Parking lot. Recently cops have been showing up there and kicking people out. Many others got tickets and fines for just being there. SO now to avoid this there will be a new location. A local shop has invited us to come hang there. It has a pretty big parking lot and if we keep it nice and quiet everyone should be fine. 

Some may still show up at Westbury but to avoid getting in trouble this will be the new location

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When: Thursday Nights @ 9pm
Where: 110 Fairchild Ave. Plainview NY 11803.
Exit 46 on the LIE is Sunnyside Blvd. There is a Holiday Inn at the corner on the north side of the LIE. The street behind the Holiday Inn is Fairchild Ave. You go down Fairchild Ave and you will find plenty of parking down the hill
Fee: Zero

For more info check this out: PlainVIEW meet