AUDI.BMW 3 Series and A4 Car Meets, September 2nd, 2010 (Thursday)

So this week for Thursday there is a car meet in Brooklyn. This meet is for BMW 3 series models and m3's and Audi B8 Models... A4 and S4. There is already a weekly meet there so now we are just trying to get it a but more popular before summer ends. It will be @ Caesars Bay Parking lot by Exit 5 off the Belt PKWY. By the Best Buy, Modells, Toys R US, etc shopping center. 

Coding will be available for Audi and Bmw model cars if your interested in doing any mods for your cars. You can see samples of videos on the website

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When: Thursday night @ 9:30 pm
Where: Caesars Bay Parking lot in Brooklyn : 8923 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Fee: Free to come and hang out... Coding will be available so email the eurocoding guys for rates if your planing on getting anything done.

See you there...

Meets & Events, August 26th - 29th, 2010 (Thursday - Sunday)

This looks like it will be a pretty busy week. There are a good number of car meets and shows as well. Here are the details on all of them.

6pm @ 1 Davis Ave, Garden City NY - Car Meet (Last Car Meet Here)
9pm @ 1299 Corporate Drive, Westbury NY - Car Meet
9pm @ 110 Fairchild Ave. Plainview NY - Car Meet

11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd, Farmingdale NY - Car Meet

7am @ Black Forest Run - Huge Euro Event
11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd, Farmingdale NY - Car Meet

All Day @ Nopi Car Show/Event
12pm @ EuroFest - Paul Miller BMW - Huge Euro Event

A few great places to be this weekend. Click on the links for details.

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G35NYC Car Meet, August 27th, 2010 (Friday)

This will be the last car meet for this summer for g35nyc forum... There should be over 200 cars there coming from all over New York.
There are usually other cars there as well Friday nights so it should be a pretty nice meetup

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When: August 27th on Friday Night @ 9pm
Where: Caesars Bay Shopping Center (Parking Lot) - 8923 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11214
Fee: Free to come, watch, talk, park, and look pretty

For more details here is the official info: g35 NYC MeetUp

Events/Meets, August 20th - 22nd, 2010

So here is an update on whats happening today, and this weekend. Click on the link (address) to get more details.




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Car Meet in SI,NY, Tuesdays, 2010

Car meet in Staten Island, NY... By a Target Parking lot. Hapens all the time on Tuesdays and usually has a variation of great sports cars. Euros, American Muscle, Japs, etc

Great crew of people that love to discuss mods to all the cars. Come check it out for yourself. 

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When: Tuesday Nights @ 9-930pm until when people decide to go home
Where: Target/Home Depot Parking Lot - 2900 Veterans Rd W Staten Island, NY 10309
Fee: Free to come and hang out

Above picture is an actual picture from the car meet, more can be found in the following link: Target Tuesdays or here: Target Tuesdays2


EuropaParts Open House, August 21st, 2010 (Saturday)

Many of you may have used or at least know about the website They sell many products and provide services for the Euro Car community. Well coming up this week they will have an open house along with Audi Club of North America. They will discuss many things there and will have a huge blowout on many products they sell. 
There will be Free food and Drinks, Free VagCom modes and scans...

If you place a pre-order you can pickup at the event. 

You can reach them at (201) 777-0005

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When: August 21st on Saturday
Where: 1901 E Linden Ave, Unit 22 Linden, NJ 07036
Fee: Free for All... Only pay for the products you plan on buying

*Try to RSVP if you plan on coming

For more details visit this link: Event Details and check out their website to see what you have here: Their official Website

Car Meet, Friday Nights, 2010

Another Weekly meet will be in session.  Every Friday night, if you aint got nutin to do, come and join this car meet. Takes place in the TGIF Parking lot in the BX

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When: Friday Nights @ 8 until people start leaving
Where: TGI Fridays 1780 East Gun Hill RoadBronx, NY 10469-6011
Fee: Depends on your driving habits (Free for most)

For more info, click here: More Info.

Events/Meets, August 12th - 15th, 2010

So here is a quick update on whats going on this week/weekend. Click on the link (Address) to get more details.

6pm @ 1 Davis Ave, 11530
9pm @ Mist Hookah Lounge in NJ
9pm @ 1300 Corporate Dr, Westbury, NY
9pm @ 110 Fairchild Ave Plainview NY 11803

*** Due to many cops @ the Westbury meet, if you show up and no one is there go to the 110 Fairchild meet. That is the new spot to replace the Westbury meet

8pm @ Bronx meet
11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd Farmingdale, NY 11735

12pm @ NJMP-Lightning School and Race
*2:30pm @ Floydd Bennet Field*
11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd Farmingdale, NY 11735

12pm @ NJMP-Lightning School and Race

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Email me for any questions or updates

H20i, September 25th & 26th, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)

H20i is a Huge show that will have hundreds of cars. It will take place in Ocean City, Maryland which is a strip of land, that complete city/strip will be packed with show cars. This event is one you can not miss. There will be awards given out on 26th (details can be found on link posted at the bottom), Huge BBQ on the 25th and a Music Fest.
This is the 13th year of this event, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Many will cruise with other to this show so depending on what kind of car you plan on bringing, you should log into your native forum and check out where people are meeting up to cruise together.
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When: September 25th & 26th (25th @ 12 & 26th @ 9)
Where: Ocean City, Maryland
Fee: To be a spectator it will be free, to participate please visit website for details

Go here for details on the event:

Car Show / Pool Party / Bbq / Bikini Contest / Open Skating, August 7th, 2010 (Saturday)

This Saturday there will be a great place to spend some time. There will be a Car Show / Pool Party / Bbq / Bikini Contest / Open Skating. Open invite for everyone to come, Will be at someones house. They are still looking for ladies, so if you have any who would like to participate in a bikini contest bring them along. The more the better.

**$50 to the winner of the car show
**$50 to the winner of the bikini contest

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When: August 7th... Starts @ 2 - come at 12 to help setup if you would like (Comp w/ help)
Fee: $5 to Enter, $10 to Enter and Eat all you want

Contact - Text/Call: 973-650-7189

For more info and details visit here: August 7th Show

Car Meet, Thursday Nights....

Ok so many of you may know about the Meet on Thursday Nights @ Westbury... By the Home Depot Parking lot. Recently cops have been showing up there and kicking people out. Many others got tickets and fines for just being there. SO now to avoid this there will be a new location. A local shop has invited us to come hang there. It has a pretty big parking lot and if we keep it nice and quiet everyone should be fine. 

Some may still show up at Westbury but to avoid getting in trouble this will be the new location

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When: Thursday Nights @ 9pm
Where: 110 Fairchild Ave. Plainview NY 11803.
Exit 46 on the LIE is Sunnyside Blvd. There is a Holiday Inn at the corner on the north side of the LIE. The street behind the Holiday Inn is Fairchild Ave. You go down Fairchild Ave and you will find plenty of parking down the hill
Fee: Zero

For more info check this out: PlainVIEW meet

NJMP-Lightning School and Race, August 14th & 15th, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)

In this event you will come to a track where there will be experienced drivers who will teach you how to take your car to the limit, the way your car should be driven, performance wise. Located in NJ so for more details please visit the links below.

Have never attended an event like this so cant comment on it from experience...

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When: August 14th and 15th
Where: New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ
Fee: $450  - Last day to register is August 8th.

More details: delvalbmwcca and here to register Register and here is more info