Short Break for the CAR MEETS

OK guys as you may have noticed, its getting FREEZING out. No one really enjoys hanging out and going out car meets with such bad weather, so the updates wont come as often and before. I will still update certain information about events, but on a rare occasion.

If you want don't want to miss any of them i recommend you get the Email Subscription. This way when i do update something you'll get an email...

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Let me know if you get any information regarding meets that aren't posted... Thanks

NY/PA Hawks Nest Drive, November 13th (Saturday)

Coming up towards the middle of November is a Meet/Cruise for the PA/NY area. Starting @ the Reef Resaturant in Cortlandt Manor, NY and ending @ the Home Depot in Fishkill, NY. Event should be fun and since the meet up days are coming to an end due to weather this is a great time to get into a nice cruise.

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When: November 13th @ 7:30 AM
Where: 2 Roa Hook Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 (At The Reef Restaurant)
There is other locations you can meet everyone, depending on the time you are coming, check the link at the end for description.
Fee: Free

Quick Description of the meet:
"LTDSLIP will be hosting a “Drivers Outing” which will be touring Hawks Nest, NY. I have never done this drive, but the roads are supposed to be some of the best driving roads in NY. We will be beginning in Putnam Valley, NY but stopping a number of times along the way to meet with other drivers.The drive will be Saturday, November 13th. While all conscientious drivers are welcome to join us at any point, drivers registering will help us prepare for the drive. Having drivers register will also help us have our vehicles outfitted with safety and repair equipment. I am trained in First Aid and CPR, and a mechanic and photographer will be in our group.Drivers are encouraged to bring a CB tuned to channel 19 as well as a Motorola hand held tuned to Channel 7, if possible. As with any drive, communication is very important.LTD drives are not races. It is not a car show. It is a spirited scenic drive, for real Drivers."

For details CLICK HERE

RFR - Charity Poker Run, November 7th/14th, 2010 (Sunday)

Coming up in Nov. will be a rally. This Run will be intended to have a great/safe time but most important to help raise money for charity. The start location will be in NJ and the end location will be announced later on. You can find all the information you need on this event in the link @ the bottom of this page

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When: Nov. 7th on Sunday... RAIN DATE: Nov. 14th
Where: Start : 315 Route 15Wharton, NJ 07885 (costco parking lot) @ 8am
Fee: $35 per car + products sold at the show

The Golden Fund for Autism
Each Child Unique ~ Helping Them Flourish ~ Helping Them Thrive

The Golden Fund for Autism is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to raising funds for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families in order to assist them in obtaining various health, wellness and therapeutic treatments not otherwise covered by health insurance or by other financial means. Specifically, our organization provides funding directly to doctors/practitioners who are involved in administering various forms of treatments and therapies to children on the Autism Spectrum.
Our Fund was started by the mother of a 6 year old boy on the Autism Spectrum. After helping her son reach great strides, she has made it her mission to help other families who are struggling financially and who are unable to afford the very costly treatments for their children with Autism. 

For more info: CLICK HERE

Stratmosphere GTG, Sept. 18th, 2010 (Saturday)

Stratmosphere in Victory NY will be having a get together. This shop is well known for its performance products for the European cars. Theyll have a bunch of cool things to show off as well as install things right there. If you buy anything from them by this week and end up coming to the event, they will install it free of charge (sweet)

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When: September 18th, 2010... this Saturday @ 10AM
Where: 7920 Rae Blvd, Victor, NY 14564
Fee: Free to attend

Your chance to come hang out and check out some cool rides before its gets too cold out.

More info here:  Stratmosphere

Audi/BMW Car Meet, Thursday Night, 2010

Come hang out with us at the Caesers Bay parking lot w/ a few car enthusiasts. Cool crowd & Cool cars, come check it out.
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When: Thursday Nights @ 9:30pm
Where: Caesars Bay Parking lot in Brooklyn (By Best Buy, Modells...) - 8923 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Fee: Free

AUDI.BMW 3 Series and A4 Car Meets, September 2nd, 2010 (Thursday)

So this week for Thursday there is a car meet in Brooklyn. This meet is for BMW 3 series models and m3's and Audi B8 Models... A4 and S4. There is already a weekly meet there so now we are just trying to get it a but more popular before summer ends. It will be @ Caesars Bay Parking lot by Exit 5 off the Belt PKWY. By the Best Buy, Modells, Toys R US, etc shopping center. 

Coding will be available for Audi and Bmw model cars if your interested in doing any mods for your cars. You can see samples of videos on the website

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When: Thursday night @ 9:30 pm
Where: Caesars Bay Parking lot in Brooklyn : 8923 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Fee: Free to come and hang out... Coding will be available so email the eurocoding guys for rates if your planing on getting anything done.

See you there...

Meets & Events, August 26th - 29th, 2010 (Thursday - Sunday)

This looks like it will be a pretty busy week. There are a good number of car meets and shows as well. Here are the details on all of them.

6pm @ 1 Davis Ave, Garden City NY - Car Meet (Last Car Meet Here)
9pm @ 1299 Corporate Drive, Westbury NY - Car Meet
9pm @ 110 Fairchild Ave. Plainview NY - Car Meet

11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd, Farmingdale NY - Car Meet

7am @ Black Forest Run - Huge Euro Event
11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd, Farmingdale NY - Car Meet

All Day @ Nopi Car Show/Event
12pm @ EuroFest - Paul Miller BMW - Huge Euro Event

A few great places to be this weekend. Click on the links for details.

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G35NYC Car Meet, August 27th, 2010 (Friday)

This will be the last car meet for this summer for g35nyc forum... There should be over 200 cars there coming from all over New York.
There are usually other cars there as well Friday nights so it should be a pretty nice meetup

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When: August 27th on Friday Night @ 9pm
Where: Caesars Bay Shopping Center (Parking Lot) - 8923 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11214
Fee: Free to come, watch, talk, park, and look pretty

For more details here is the official info: g35 NYC MeetUp

Events/Meets, August 20th - 22nd, 2010

So here is an update on whats happening today, and this weekend. Click on the link (address) to get more details.




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Car Meet in SI,NY, Tuesdays, 2010

Car meet in Staten Island, NY... By a Target Parking lot. Hapens all the time on Tuesdays and usually has a variation of great sports cars. Euros, American Muscle, Japs, etc

Great crew of people that love to discuss mods to all the cars. Come check it out for yourself. 

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When: Tuesday Nights @ 9-930pm until when people decide to go home
Where: Target/Home Depot Parking Lot - 2900 Veterans Rd W Staten Island, NY 10309
Fee: Free to come and hang out

Above picture is an actual picture from the car meet, more can be found in the following link: Target Tuesdays or here: Target Tuesdays2


EuropaParts Open House, August 21st, 2010 (Saturday)

Many of you may have used or at least know about the website They sell many products and provide services for the Euro Car community. Well coming up this week they will have an open house along with Audi Club of North America. They will discuss many things there and will have a huge blowout on many products they sell. 
There will be Free food and Drinks, Free VagCom modes and scans...

If you place a pre-order you can pickup at the event. 

You can reach them at (201) 777-0005

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When: August 21st on Saturday
Where: 1901 E Linden Ave, Unit 22 Linden, NJ 07036
Fee: Free for All... Only pay for the products you plan on buying

*Try to RSVP if you plan on coming

For more details visit this link: Event Details and check out their website to see what you have here: Their official Website

Car Meet, Friday Nights, 2010

Another Weekly meet will be in session.  Every Friday night, if you aint got nutin to do, come and join this car meet. Takes place in the TGIF Parking lot in the BX

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When: Friday Nights @ 8 until people start leaving
Where: TGI Fridays 1780 East Gun Hill RoadBronx, NY 10469-6011
Fee: Depends on your driving habits (Free for most)

For more info, click here: More Info.

Events/Meets, August 12th - 15th, 2010

So here is a quick update on whats going on this week/weekend. Click on the link (Address) to get more details.

6pm @ 1 Davis Ave, 11530
9pm @ Mist Hookah Lounge in NJ
9pm @ 1300 Corporate Dr, Westbury, NY
9pm @ 110 Fairchild Ave Plainview NY 11803

*** Due to many cops @ the Westbury meet, if you show up and no one is there go to the 110 Fairchild meet. That is the new spot to replace the Westbury meet

8pm @ Bronx meet
11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd Farmingdale, NY 11735

12pm @ NJMP-Lightning School and Race
*2:30pm @ Floydd Bennet Field*
11pm @ 261 Airport Plaza Blvd Farmingdale, NY 11735

12pm @ NJMP-Lightning School and Race

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Email me for any questions or updates

H20i, September 25th & 26th, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)

H20i is a Huge show that will have hundreds of cars. It will take place in Ocean City, Maryland which is a strip of land, that complete city/strip will be packed with show cars. This event is one you can not miss. There will be awards given out on 26th (details can be found on link posted at the bottom), Huge BBQ on the 25th and a Music Fest.
This is the 13th year of this event, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Many will cruise with other to this show so depending on what kind of car you plan on bringing, you should log into your native forum and check out where people are meeting up to cruise together.
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When: September 25th & 26th (25th @ 12 & 26th @ 9)
Where: Ocean City, Maryland
Fee: To be a spectator it will be free, to participate please visit website for details

Go here for details on the event:

Car Show / Pool Party / Bbq / Bikini Contest / Open Skating, August 7th, 2010 (Saturday)

This Saturday there will be a great place to spend some time. There will be a Car Show / Pool Party / Bbq / Bikini Contest / Open Skating. Open invite for everyone to come, Will be at someones house. They are still looking for ladies, so if you have any who would like to participate in a bikini contest bring them along. The more the better.

**$50 to the winner of the car show
**$50 to the winner of the bikini contest

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When: August 7th... Starts @ 2 - come at 12 to help setup if you would like (Comp w/ help)
Fee: $5 to Enter, $10 to Enter and Eat all you want

Contact - Text/Call: 973-650-7189

For more info and details visit here: August 7th Show

Car Meet, Thursday Nights....

Ok so many of you may know about the Meet on Thursday Nights @ Westbury... By the Home Depot Parking lot. Recently cops have been showing up there and kicking people out. Many others got tickets and fines for just being there. SO now to avoid this there will be a new location. A local shop has invited us to come hang there. It has a pretty big parking lot and if we keep it nice and quiet everyone should be fine. 

Some may still show up at Westbury but to avoid getting in trouble this will be the new location

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When: Thursday Nights @ 9pm
Where: 110 Fairchild Ave. Plainview NY 11803.
Exit 46 on the LIE is Sunnyside Blvd. There is a Holiday Inn at the corner on the north side of the LIE. The street behind the Holiday Inn is Fairchild Ave. You go down Fairchild Ave and you will find plenty of parking down the hill
Fee: Zero

For more info check this out: PlainVIEW meet

NJMP-Lightning School and Race, August 14th & 15th, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)

In this event you will come to a track where there will be experienced drivers who will teach you how to take your car to the limit, the way your car should be driven, performance wise. Located in NJ so for more details please visit the links below.

Have never attended an event like this so cant comment on it from experience...

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When: August 14th and 15th
Where: New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ
Fee: $450  - Last day to register is August 8th.

More details: delvalbmwcca and here to register Register and here is more info

Coming up this Week/Weekend, Thursday - Sunday, 7/29/10 - 8/1/10


This week/weekend there will be a few things happening. First off there are 2 meets tonight, Friday and Sunday. Then there is the First Annual Stance Works Meet on Sunday.

Thursday Night - 6pm @     Garden City NY
                                9pm @    Westbury NY
Friday Night -       11pm @  Farmingdale NY
Saturday Night -  11pm @  Farmingdale NY
Sunday -               9am @     Bear Mountain - Stance Works

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Cars & Copters, September 19th, 2010 (Sunday)

OK so this will be a pretty big show, but unfortunately it may be a bit far for some of us. The show itself though, will be a huge hit. There will be a car show and helicopters flying around showing people the area. This event is organized to benefit The Jimmy Fund in honor of Ricky Hoffman.

All makes, years and models are welcome to participate.

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When: Sept. 19th @ 9am - 4pm
Where: Plymouth Municipal Airport, Plymouth, MA 02360
Fee: $0

There is a huge number of videos of this event on Youtube if your interested in checking them out. Here is one of them

For more details and information please visit the following link: Cars & Copters

Westchester & Stamford Weekly Meet, Every Wednesday...

So i know some of you may be in the CT area who need to travel pretty far to get to some car meets. Well great news for you guys. There is now a Meet every Wednesday in the CT area. Anyone is welcome to come.

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When: Wednesdays @ 7pm until whenever..
Where: Cove Island Park (Down the street there is a pizza place, here is the address to it  Cove Pizza864 Cove RoadStamford, CT 06902-5428) Its down the block from that across the street.
Fee: Free

For more details and instructions on how to get there visit this website: Wed. Weekly Meet in CT

Car Show/Dyno (FREE), August 21st, 2010 (Saturday)

So this is a pretty cool event that i dont think anyone should miss. It will be a car show that is absolutely free, to watch or join. There will be many prizes given out and also raffles. There will even be a Dyno there, but only for 2WD cars. At this event they will have a DJ, sexy car models, free food, full media coverage, judges, trophies, prizes, raffle’s and much more. So mark you calendar.

Everyone is welcome to join.

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When: August 21st @ 12pm.** If you want to dyno, be there by 11am, the earlier the better. If you want to participate in the show with your car, be there before 10:30am
Where: Lincoln Tech15-30 Petracca PlaceWhitestone, NY 11357
Fee: Free

For more info please visit the following link: Car Show/Dyno

Hooters Car Meet, July 27th, 2010 (Tuesday)

So this Hooter's restaurant over by Franklin, NJ has a pretty big parking lot, So a few local citizens are putting together a car meet. Hooters will be open as well so if you might be hungry, great place to come eat and checkout some lady cleavage.

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When: July 27th @ 8pm, Tuesday Night
Where: 428 State Rt 23Franklin, NJ 07416-2119
Fee: Just the car meet wont cost you anything, but if you would like to sit, eat or drink at hooters, that may cost you their regular menu price.

This meet might continue to go on further than just this one week, depending on how well this meet goes. For more info follow the link: Hooters Meet

Mist Hookah Lounge Meet, August 12th, 2010 (Thursday)

In a few weeks there will be a car meet that will also involve hanging out at a Hookah Lounge.There should be a majority of G's and probably a couple of Euros. If your interested add yourself to the list on the link provided at the bottom.

and always remember, Dont Drink and Drive

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When: August 12th @ 8:30pm
Where: Mist Hookah Lounge - 772 US Highway One(Next to Brunswick Zone Bowling)/ Carolier Lane North Brunswick NJ 08902
Fee: Driving costs... and w.e you plan on doing at the Hookah Lounge

For more info. please visit the following link, also if you would like to attend add yourself to the list: Mist Hookah Lounge

NE Car Meet Update


There are a huge number of meets happening this month and the next couple of months. Just wanted to make sure every one who visits this website knows how to find them. On the very bottom there is a calendar with all the meets going on and on the right side if this site, there is an archive which has all the posts there, so you can just click on it and it will bring you straight to you. Also, you can scroll down and at the bottom you can go to older posts and there are more meets there as well.

I also want to thank everyone for visiting this website so often, i have been getting more hits than expected. I am trying my best to keep this website up to date with the latest information. Please subscribe if you haven't already, and you will receive email updates when there are more updates.

For your Entertainment

Thank You and Enjoy



Floydd Bennet Field Meet, August 14th, 2010 (Saturday)

There will be a car meet at Floyd Bennet Field coming up. There should be many cars, including Euros and many g35's, g37's, z's....

If your interested you can just show up or just add yourself to the list at the link at the bottom of this post.

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When: August 14th, 2010 @ 2:30pm
Where: Floydd Bennet Field, Brooklyn NY

For more details follow the link: FBF Meet

Black Forest Run, August 28th, 2010 (Saturday)

Ok there will be Euro run coming up. It will mostly be BMW but other Euros are going to join as well. Pretty much your usual car meet then a run except this event happens only onces a year and many Euro Car Enthusiasts will be a part of it.

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When: August 28th on Saturday @ 7am meetup for NJ,NJ,CT or 9:30am for PA
Where: for NY,NJ,CT residents will meet at the Dunkin Donuts lot which is at the mall right off route 80 west (aka exit 35A). For those from PA, meet will be off exit 227 in the Poconos @ 9:30am
Fee: $0.00 to attend but bring some cash for gas, tolls, food, habit expenses(cigarettes), etc

If you are planing on joining add your name to the following list, and if you would like more details, the link is useful for that as well. List and Details

See You There

Bikini Car Wash & Car Meet, July 24th, 2010 (Saturday)

Need a car wash? Want to look at cool cars? Enjoy checking out hot chicks? Come to AutomotiveTailors wash on Saturday and get your car wash by females in bikinis. Come check out the car meet and bikini wash this saturday.

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When: July 24th on Saturday at 12pm - 3pm
Where: 120 Lincoln Ave Dunellen, NJ 08812
Fee: Usual hand wash fees, maybe a bit extra on tips for the ladies.

My thoughts, come get a wash in NJ this Saturday and then drive out to Hot Import Nights with a clean car, and maybe a few other cars.

More details: Bikini Wash Car Meet

Long Island Car Meet, Friday & Saturday, Weekly

Weekly car meets with all different types of modded cars. Everyone just chills and talks, until we get kicked out by cops or decide to find another place to hang out.

Everyone is welcome to come

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When: Friday & Saturday @ 11pm until we get kicked or chased out
Where: 261 Airport Plaza Blvd Farmingdale, NY 11735 ( By the Dave & Busters Parking Lot)

BMW-Euro Bikini Wash/BBQ, August 15th, 2010 (Sunday)

OoO LaLa, a Bikini Wash. Coming up next month there will be a car wash, dont know how experienced the ladies washing our cars will be, but do you care? There will also be a BBQ so please dont forget to bring some food, maybe potatoes, charcoal, salads, meat, a grill etc. This will be a BMW/Euro Event.

Requirements: Dirty Car and Food for the BBQ

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When: August 15th @ 1pm until about 5pm
Where: 2710 Haddonfield Road, Pennsauken, NJ 08120
Cost: Bring Food, Grill... w.e you might have. Dont know price of a wash (sorry)

The above picture may or may not be an exaggeration, for more details please visit the following link: BMW Euro Bikini Wash.Euro Event


Thursday Night Car Meets... All the time


So there is an awesome car meet/s that happen/s all the time by Westbury, NY It has many great crowds and will include all different types of cars such as evo's bmw's nissan's audi's, etc.... Pretty much everything. If you are a car enthusiast and enjoy just hanging around talking about the latest news and car mods, come.

When: Every Thursday night @ 9pm
Where: 1299 Corporate Drive, Westbury NY
Fee: Its all on the house (FREE)


Thursday Night Car Meets, July & August (Every Thursday)


There will be car meets every Thursday night everyone will meet up and just hang out, swap stories and watch a car restoration be done, and after it will be done itll be auctioned off. 

No cost no fees, just come and hang out

Where: 1 Davis Avenue Garden City, NY 11530-6743
When: Thursday Nights from 6pm - 9pm

more info. Car Meet


NOPI Car Show, August 29th & 30th, (Sunday & Monday)

This is Redline Time Attack that will be having a NOPI Car Show at it's upcoming E-Town, New Jersey event. All are invited to race or show …… Or just check out the event.
This is a Import and Domestic Car event. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When: August 29th & 30th
Where: 230 Pension RD, Englishtown, NJ
Fee: Usual Englishtown fee... $15 to enter to watch, another $15 to race your car..

For more details please visit the following link: NOPI Car Show

607 Customs to Classic, August 22nd, 2010 (Sunday)

607 Customs to Classic car show is a show that accepts everything on wheels. You can bring you bike, classic car, modern, sports... whatever you want. There will be a lot of really cool things there.. here is some details.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Awards/Judging: Total number of awards to be determined
This event is a professionally judged car show that uses a detailed scoring system developed by 607 Motorsports.
Event Details:
• Unlimited indoor parking in the garage
• *Continued for 2010* Outdoor parking also available outside the garage on Tioga Avenue
• Grouped parking for clubs and friends
• Parking is open, but is separated for those interested in parking with similar class vehicles
• Food and automotive vendors
• Over 50 awards to be given out
• DJ Music entertainment that will appeal to all ages
• Pizza eating contest
• Car Jeopardy
• Tire Toss Competition
• 50/50 Raffle
• Much more entertainment to come - Please check back often for updates.

When: August 22nd, on a Sunday @ 10am for spectators, and if you want to register you have to be there by 9am
Where: 114 Pine Street, Corning, NY 14830
Fee: Free if you want to come and watch, $10 to register your car on day of show, and discount if you do it earlier.

Enjoy, here is a link for more details: 607 Car Show

Car Meet @ Detailer's Domain, July 24th, 2010 (Saturday)

This will be an Open House/Demo Day/BBQ at Detailers Domain. There will also be manufacturereinszett, Lusso, Menzerna, Sonax, Flex Tools, Vortex - Kwazar Bottles, and Kevin Farrell from Kleen Car will be showing his steamers and tools.

If your interested you will have to go here Meet @ Detailers Domain and add yourself to the list.

When: July 24th at 10am
Where: Oak St, Norwood, NJ 07648

Check the link out if you want/need more information Meet @ Detailers Domain 

Hostoric Festival 28 Car Corrals, September 4th, 2010 (Saturday)

I have never attended this event but it looks like it will be about time i do. Here is a description from the website: Sports-car owners and clubs are invited once again to participate in the East Coast's preeminent vintage/historic race meeting, concours and car show. This year we will be offering Car Corrals to the following makes: BMW, Morgan, Corvette, Mini, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, Porsche, Brit Cars, Italian Cars, MG and Lotus. Corrals include premium parking in the infield, parade laps and goodie bags.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When: September 4th @ 7am
Where: 60 White Hollow Road - Lakeville, CT 06039
Fee: Regular price to attend is $35 - prices vary depending on age, etc. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For more info check out this link: Lime Rock

EuroFest Car Show and Charity Event, August 29th, 2010 (Sunday)

Eurowerkz is presenting their 1st annual EuroFest Charity Meet & Show at Paul Miller BMW @ Wayne, NJ. Help support project kids worldwide and camp sunrise children's charities. All proceeds collected will be donated. There will be sponsors there and it should be really nice with a great crowd.

There wil be a live DJ, Best BMW Awards, Free Prizes, Charity Raffle and its all FREE. Concessions will be $1 each.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When: August 29th, on a Sunay... Doors open @ 12pm
Where: Paul Miller BMW - 1515 Route 23 Wayne, NJ
Fee: Free, just pay for the concessions :)

For more information please visit the following link: EUROFEST CAR SHOW AND CHARITY EVENT

Remix Event, August 7th, 2010, (Saturday)

This is a car show that will be in NJ, English town and will have the Chicks, Drifting Show, Import Tuner, Super Street, PAS Mag, Super Street Bike, 944 Magazine and many others. The REMIX show vehicles are photographed by the largest automotive magazines in the nation. These magazines will highlight the top builders, car junkies, clubs and shops from all over the nation, by their latest automotive creation.    

You can enter you car into the show as well if you would like

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When: August 7th - 11am - 7pm
Where: Englishtown Raceway - 230 Pension Road. Englishtown, NJ 07726
Cost: General Admission is $20 but if you use coupon code "XDC2010" or 'REMIX" you will get $5 off. Also varies depending if you want to participate 

For more details and/or details on where to enter your car please visit this link: Remix Events

1st Annual StanceWorks, August 1st, 2010 (Sunday)

Bottom line this is a car meet for stanced cars. It will be located in a state park where you can bring a grill and BBQ or any other types of food you would like to make.

This will be an ALL DAY Event. It will be better to show up earlier but no one is going anywhere so you can come whenever your ready.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Where: Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain, NY. 7 Lakes Drive Parking Area
When: August 1st, 2010
Fee: $8 to enter the park

Should be a really cool car show with a variety of different cars. For more info here are 2 links


Hot Import Nights, July 24th & 25th, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)

Hot Import Nights (HIM) is an awesome show to attend. It happens once a year and has hooked up cars from all over the world. There will also be drag racing, car shows, models, music, gymkhana (head to head drifting) and a lot more. Its a popular show and happens in a few different places over the United States. It will be in NJ on the 24th and 25th. Tickets can be purchased online. There will also be many sponsors there, and booths where you can purchase performance parts or accessories from. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When: July 24th & 25th, 2010 on Saturday from 4pm to 11pm and Sunday from 10am to .
Where: English Town, NJ Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
Cost: For a one day ticket is $25 & a 2 day ticket is $40. VIP and kids prices varies. 

For a more detailed description of the event visit their website: Hot Import Nights

Euro Philly Cheesesteak Run, July 24th, 2010 (Saturday)

As the title says, this will be a Cheese Steak run. Euro cars will meet at a Parking lot in North Bethesda, MD and than drive to Philly. Last year there was about 300 cars. It will definitely be a fun drive and gorgeous drive, so dont forget your cameras. 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When: July 24th, 2010 on Saturday at 10am
First at 11802 Rockville Pike North Bethesda, MD 20852 @ 10:00am – Meet in Rockville at Mid-Pike Plaza, Toys R Us parking lot
Then the run to Tony Luke's Cheesesteaks 39 East Oregon Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19148
Cost: Tolls, food and gas. 

For more information please visit this website: Euro Philly Cheesesteak Run

Bimmerstock & Gold Coast Concours, September 12, 2010 (Sunday)

Bimmerstock is a huge bmw/exotic car event, will be along with Gold Coast Concours (hosted by Martino Auto Concepts / MAC Auto Couture)The complete downtown business section of the City of Glen Cove should be closed down. There should be over 500 BMW cars and about 200 other extoci cars.
When: Sept. 12, 2010 on Sunday at 11AM
Where: 9 Glen Street, Glen Cove, NY 11542
Fee: Attendance will be free, if you would like to participate in the event though please visit the link at the bottom of this post.

For more information HERE IS THE LINK with some more detail

Waterfest, July 17th and 18th, 2010

Alright so this week we have something pretty cool coming up. Waterfest. This is a great car show with events. There will mostly be VW and Audi cars but other will come.
Whats Happening: Car show, Drag Racing 1/4, Auto Cross, Sound off (whos got the best sounding system), Tire Burnout Contest, Autocross School and Exhibition Area
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Location: 230 Pension Rd.Englishtown, NJ 07726
Dates: July 17th and 18th, 2010.
Cost $: For General admission it will be $15.00, Parking is Free and Reduced prices for kids under 11 years of age.

I am just reposting the information provided by the actual website. There will also be many sponsors there that will offer discounts on their performance autoparts. If your into car tunning this is the place to be.

For a more detailed description please visit their website at THIS LINK

What NE Car Meets is all about

Hello to everyone and welcome. This will be a blog website that will introduce locations for car meets in the North East Region. Many people like myself who are interested in car meets are always searching around looking for specific details on where and when the car meets will happen.